Product Description

The Blue Yeti Nano is a multipattern USB condenser microphone offering simple operability and high-quality audio capture for podcasters, YouTubers, vloggers, gamers, and voice-over artists in homes, project studios, and mobile recording setups. The mic works out of the box with Mac OS X and Windows systems via USB, and can even record directly to select iOS devices

The zero-latency 3.5mm stereo headphone output with mic-mute functionality and adjustable volume ensures monitoring quality and convenience. Utilize the integrated mounting thread to attach the Yeti Nano to a compatible boom arm or attach it to the included custom base, which has built-in cable management for the supplied USB cable. Helpful VO!CE FX are included to improve your recordings.

Tailored for Vocals

The mic is ideal for podcasters, YouTube content creators, Skype calls, game streaming, and voice-over work.

Works with Computers

The Blue Yeti Nano mic offers plug-and-play compatibility with Mac OS X and Windows computers as well as select iOS devices. No preamps or interfaces are necessary—the mic works over USB.

Studio-Quality Audio Capture

The mic supports resolutions up to 24-bit/48 kHz, which goes beyond broadcast quality to give you a set of performance specifications often used in studios.

3.5mm Headphone Jack with Latency-Free Monitoring

The mic offers latency-free monitoring. Simply plug your headphones into the mic’s 3.5mm input, and you’ll hear your high-quality audio in all its glory.

Flexible Recording Options

Thanks to the dual-capsule construction, the Blue Yeti Nano provides selectable cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns. Use cardioid to focus attention on your voice and minimize room tone. Omnidirectional will pick up audio all around the mic, so it will give the listener a sense of the room. This polar pattern is also suitable for recording multiple at once.

Multiple Mounting Options

You’ll find the mic offers a compact design with multiple mounting options. A custom base with built-in cable management is included, which helps keep your cables tidy. Standard threading is used, making the mic compatible with Radius III shockmount and/or Compass boom arms (both available separately).

Included Software

Blue VO!CE software is included, giving you an array of high-quality vocal filters, FX, and samples to showcase your voice in the best light. You’ll find the following FX on hand:

  • High-pass filter
  • Noise reduction filter
  • Expander/Gate
  • De-esser
  • Voice EQ
  • Compression
  • Limiter

Handy Includes

The mic ships with one USB cable and a 1/4″ to 5/8″ adapter.