Product Description

The YC Onion 120cm Hot Dog Prlx & Pan Manual Slider is made up of high-quality Carbon Fiber Aviation Aluminum Alloy light material, easy to carry. Largediameter disc, compatible with various types of tripod heads. High-precision level gradient to find the balance point 15 imported bearings for smoother shooting.

ARRI Gear Support Legs

More changes, strong load-bearing capacity. 360-degree finely adjusted Arri gear support legs, adapt to various shooting terrain. Retractable support legs and spherical design feet, provide stronger stability.

Simple Adjustable Follow Focus Bar

Super smooth, easy to adjust. Manual operation mode and electric operation mode can be switched at any time.

3 Features of Shots for Videos & Time Lapses

Easy switch between pan, parallax and panoramic. Provide more options for your camera movement.

Add a BUN Motor to Upgrade to HOT DOG 3.0 Motorized Slider

Instant switch between manual and motorized.

Two power supply methods

With great flexibility and longer working time. It can work with Sony NP-F550 and power bank. When powering by Sony NP-F550, it can support 24h working life.

Controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth

Using the YC Onion 120cm Hot Dog Prlx & Pan Manual Slider with Chocolate Slider App, it can effectively avoid the mistakes caused by the wrong operation. More fun, less NG. It greatly improves the shooting efficiency for video shot and time-lapse, making shooting be easier.