Product Description

The BOYA BY-WM3T2-U2 series is a mini 2.4GHz wireless microphone system that provides highquality sound for live streaming, vlogging, course recording, and other audio capturing applications.The BY-WM3T2-U2 is compatible with most devices with a USB-C port including Android smartphones and tablets. Including the 2 transmitters, BY-WM3T2-U2 can record two sound sources at the same time. Tiny & Lightweight Wireless Mic BOYA BY-WM3T2-U2 series is impossibly compact and lightweight, and it’s easy to get started as long as you plug the receiver into the device. The combined weight of the TX and RX is no more than 15g, making them very portable. Because of its ultra-compact size and super lightweight, the transmitter won’t tug at your collar when you clip it.



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