Product Description

The Jinbei HD 400 Pro Battery Monolight is a battery powered monolight flash lamp. This Pro version has more power and a higher light output than the normal HD400 version. The flash has high-speed synchronization, up to 1/8000s, and is good for 450 flashes at full power. The HD-400 Pro flash has a power of 400 Ws and is charged in 0.9 seconds for the next flash. The flash duration is up to 1/20000s to freeze the image. The flash supports 20 frames per second high-speed continuous photography. The built-in wireless receiver has channels and groups and is recommended for use with the TR-Q6 transmitter. The flash is compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji TTL & HSS.

Main features of the Jinbei HD 400 Pro TTL Battery Monolight:

  • Power: 400 Ws
  • Guide number: 66
  • Synchronization modes: Normal/HSS/Freeze
  • Flash Duration: Normal: 1/800-1/8500s/Freeze: 1/800-1/20000s
  • Built-in wireless receiver: Range > 100 meters
  • Channels: 00-15/Groups: A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J
  • Colour temperature: Normal/TTL: 5500K + – 150K/Freeze: 5500K + – 500K
  • Lithium battery capacity: 450 flashes at full power
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 280 x 125 x 190 mm
  • Weight: 2.24kg

The integrated radio receiver of the HD-400 TTL Pro is also compatible with the Jinbei radio remote controls TR-V6, TRS-V and TR-RV under the above mentioned restriction. The actual range of functions of the remote control can be found in the item description. Flash triggers from other manufacturers can be used via the 3.5 millimeter jack of the HD-400 TTL Pro.