Product Description

Compared to the standard BY-MM1, the Boya BY-MM1+ Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone offers sharper directionality, extended frequency response, higher sensitivity, and improved signal-tonoise performance for enhanced audio quality whether you shoot with a camera or a mobile device.

Vloggers, mobile journalists, and run-and-gun videographers of all experience levels will benefit from the mic’s simple operation; it requires no batteries and no settings to configure. The BY-MM1+ includes two 3.5mm audio cables—one TRRS and one TRRS to TRS—for proper hookup to your DSLR, mirrorless camera, camcorder, smartphone, tablet, or portable audio recorder, and it features a dedicated 3.5mm headphone port, enabling easy monitoring of the audio signal while the main output remains connected to your recording device.

The Rycote detachable shockmount attaches directly to your camera’s shoe mount and reduces rumble and camera-handling noise. Slip the supplied furry windshield on the BY-MM1+ to minimize wind noise when you’re shooting outdoors.

BY-MM1+ vs BY-MM1

Compared to the BY-MM1, the BY-MM1+ features sharper directionality (supercardioid vs cardioid), wider frequency response (20 Hz to 18 kHz vs 35 Hz to 18 kHz), higher sensitivity (-36 dB vs -42 dB), and improved signal-to-noise performance (78 dB vs 76 dB).

Ultracompact and Ultralightweight

Durable and small, the metal-bodied Boya BY-MM1+ Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone measures only 3.9″ long and weighs only 2.1 ounces. This makes it an unobtrusive companion piece for your shooting rig.

Main and Headphone Outputs

The BY-MM1+ boasts two 3.5mm outputs ports—a TRRS main output for connection to your recording device and a TRS headphone output for convenient monitoring of the input signal or playback from compatible apps.

Two Included Cables

Included with the mic are two detachable 3.5mm cables. One is a TRRS cable designed for proper connection to a smartphone or tablet, while the other is a TRRS to TRS cable for hookup to your camera, DSLR, or portable audio recorder.

Directional Sound Pickup

The Boya BY-MM1+ Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone utilizes an electret condenser capsule with a supercardioid polar pattern, which delivers enhanced front-facing directionality while attenuating sound entering from the sides.

No Batteries Required

Since the mic runs on plug-in power from your recording device, it needs no batteries or phantom power.

Supplied Accessories

The removable Rycote Lyre shockmount attaches directly to the shoe mount of a camera and effectively inhibits vibrations from transferring to the microphone. The included furry windshield is ideal for minimizing unwanted wind noise in outdoor shoots.



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