Product Description

The BOYA BY MM1 PRO Dual Capsule Condenser Microphone is a shotgun microphone, capturing a highquality, off-axis sound from both front and rear sides. Dual-Capsules super-cardioid design for better audio
Conducted with Front/F+R/Rear design, BOYA BY-MM1 Pro is a dual-capsule condenser shotgun microphone, capturing a high-quality, off-axis sound from both front and rear sides. Its excellent off-axis noise rejection ensures low-noise circuity and high-quality speech and dialog. Stronger structure, Lower noise.
Included detachable shock mount, BOYA BY MM1 PRO provides a reliable and solid construction, effectively eliminating noise from vibrations and camera handling. The 3.5mm headphone output lets users monitor audio( in smartphone model) with compatible apps, ensuring the integrity of audio. Plug and play microphone, unleash your potential
BOYA BY-MM1 Pro’s built-in 3.5mm output cable can compatible with smartphones, tablets, DSLRs by switching between camera and smartphone mode, It provides practical functions for two-person recording, vlogging, mobile journalism, and much more.



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