Product Description

The Saramonic SR-Q2 is a compact and lightweight handheld audio recorder. It features a pair of high-quality stereo condenser microphones designed to capture great-sounding audio for video productions, music recording, podcasting, mobile journalism, and more.

Recording with the SRQ2 is as easy as switching it on, pressing Record—and you’re rolling! The easy-to-read backlit LCD screen allows you to navigate all the functions, and LED lights indicate when recording is on and when the signal is peaking. Recording levels can be quickly adjusted with dedicated buttons on the side of the unit.

The SR-Q2 has a 3.5mm stereo input to accommodate an external microphone such as a lavalier microphone—great for when you want to hide the recorder in your subject’s pocket and discreetly capture speech. There is also a dedicated 3.5mm line input for recording audio from a DJ mixer or a player.

Using the SR-Q2 along with your DSLR/mirrorless camera can greatly improve the audio of your videos. The 3.5mm line output enables you to connect the recorder’s output directly into your camera’s mic input using a regular 3.5mm TRS cable (available separately). A 1/4″-20 thread on the back of the recorder allows you to mount it on your camera using a shoe adapter (available separately).

The headphone output and the built-in speaker let you monitor your audio while recording or during playback. Volume buttons enable you to conveniently raise or lower the level of the headphones and the speaker. Use the USB Type-C port and included USB cable to share your audio files with a computer.

The SR-Q2 records at resolutions up to 96 kHz/16-bit and 48 kHz/24-bit. It is compatible with microSD (8 to 32GB) and microSDXC (64 to 128GB) memory cards. The unit operates for over 19 hours on 2 AA batteries and can also be externally powered via USB.

Designed to travel wherever you go, the Saramonic SR-Q2 comes with a high-wind furry for outdoor use and a foam windscreen to help reduce plosive and air noises. You also get an 8GB microSD card to get you started right away.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight handheld audio recorder
  • Built-in stereo condenser microphones with a 90° X/Y configuration
  • Variable low-cut filter to prevent low-frequency sounds from muddying your recording
  • Built-in limiter to protect your mic from clipping
  • 3.5mm input for external mics (with plug-in power)
  • 3.5mm input for line-level signals
  • 3.5mm output for sharing audio with cameras and other devices
  • 3.5mm output for headphones
  • USB Type-C port for sharing audio with a computer and for USB power
  • Built-in speaker

In the Box

  • Saramonic SR-Q2 Handheld Audio Recorder with X/Y Stereo Microphone
  • Furry Windscreen
  • Foam Windscreen
  • 8GB microSD Card
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C Cable (4')
  • Hand Strap