Product Description

Travel light, set up fast, and create fast or slow smooth pan and tilts when shooting with camera setups weighting up to 8.8 lb with this Sachtler System FSB 4 Sideload and 75/2 CF Tripod Legs with Ground Spreader and Bag. The system is lightweight and travels packed in an included bag for ease of travel and provides a stable shooting platform for cinematic pans and tilts. The Sideload S camera plate securely locks your camera to the head by popping it in from above for fast attachment. It provides 4.7″ of travel for balancing your camera on the head, with five-steps of counterbalance, three independent fluid drag settings for pan and tilt, and a 0 setting for all, which allows you to tune the head to match the needs of your shot for smooth operating and cinematic camera moves.

The head allows you to tilt forward so you can tilt straight down and tilt almost straight up as well, plus the 75mm half-ball has an integrated flat base for additional mounting options. The two-stage carbon fiber legs are strong, stable, and corrosion resistant, while being lightweight and easy to use. The system has a generous height range of 22.8 to 68.1″ for low- and high-angle shots when using the included ground spreader. The legs feature a 75mm bowl base for quick leveling of your head and collapse down to just over 34″ in length for travel.

Sachtler FSB 4 Fluid Head

With its 8.8 lb capacity and compact size, the Sachtler FSB 4 Fluid Head is ideal for supporting small handheld camcorders and video-enabled DSLRs. As the only head in its class to feature Sachtler’s Sideload mechanism, the FSB 4 boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 4.7″. Along with a 5-step counterbalance, this ensures extremely quick and precise balancing. At the same time, no-compromise vibration damping allows for extremely subtle and finely graded movement.

  • Long sliding range of camera plate
  • Robust metal housing
  • Tested Speedbalance technology
  • Compatible with SOOM and the Sachtler FSB Cell

Sachtler Spreader SP 75 Ground Tripod Spreader

The Sachtler System FSB 4 Sideload and 75/2 CF Tripod Legs with Ground Spreader and Bag has a spreader that fits all 75mm tripods except flowtech, Soom, and Ace M/MS, and it’s used when shooting on a level surface such as a studio, city street, office, sports field, or stadium. It allows for rapid setup and pull-down by keeping tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other. The SP 75 spreader attaches directly to the bottom of a tripod’s feet and its telescopic arms allow for the extension of the legs.

Sachtler DV 75 S Padded Bag

The Sachtler DV 75 S Padded Bag is a soft tripod bag designed to carry the Sachtler ENG 75/2 D tripod with various DV heads. The case can be carried by the interlocking handles or with the attached shoulder strap.

  • Soft padded tripod carry bag
  • Carried by interlocking handles or attached shoulder strap
  • For fluid heads FSB and Cine DSLR on tripods Speed Lock 75 CF and ENG 75/2 D