Product Description

The K&F Concept 153cm Metal Extension Pole is an extra-long extension pole reaches a length of 153cm, which can be easily handled whether it is panoramic shooting or close-up shooting. The extra-long shaft allows you to capture beautiful moments no matter where you are.  With strong compatibility, this selfie stick is equipped with a GoPro adapter, which not only supports GoPro, DJI Action, Insta360 and other devices.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, you can easily take stunning photos with the help of this selfie stick.  The storage size is 290mm and the weight is only 177g. It adopts a lightweight design and is compact and easy to carry after folding. This K&F Concept 153cm Metal Extension Pole is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material and undergoes special processing to ensure that the product is strong and durable. The bottom of the extension pole has a 1/4-inch interface, which can be installed on the bracket at any time to extend the selfie stick. Stretch tube design makes stretching very convenient and provides stable support to avoid shaking. Silicone handle, comfortable to hold.