Product Description

The Jinbei HD-2 Max Sony Speedlite is equipped with a Lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1,600mAh, one lightning perfomance from 80W and one Guide number of 60, which is adjustable in 9 f-stops, it offers flexibility and performance in the transportable format.

With a single charge you can reach over 450 trips, so you have enough power on the go to capture your subjects exactly as you want them. The flash is compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus cameras as well as with the radio transmitters TR-Q6,, „TR-V6“, TR-Q7 and „TR-Q7 II“. Sony it is available separately adapter compatible.

Through the fast recycling time of merely 1.5 seconds recordings in rapid succession are no problem. The Jinbei HD-2 Max Sony Speedlite is also convincing when it comes to things burn time – this impresses with up to 1/10,000s in normal mode and  1/50,000s in freeze mode at an effective Flash duration of t = 0.5.

The HD-2 Max offers with the Speedlite mode, to the master mode and the slave mode three different modes to use In the Speedlite mode the flash is only triggered via the hot shoe of the connected camera. in the master mode the clip-on flash acts as a wireless remote trigger for compatible flashes. The integrated flash of the flash head can be activated or deactivated. in the slave mode  the flash can be triggered via other radio triggers, such as the professional radio trigger Mark II.

The attachable flash offers users the flash modes TTL and Manually. With TTL enjoy convenient automatic functions that work with changing light conditions during outdoor shoots  prove to be very advantageous as they save you from having to constantly correct the flash output manually on the device. in the Manually – mode (M) you can easily set the desired flash output, as well as all other settings, manually via the 2.8 large touch screen to adjust.

The flash has the following in Speedlite, Slave and Master modes synchronization modes:

  1. the High speed sync HSS enables faster shutter speeds than the usual flash sync speeds. Depending on the camera model, this is enough 1/10,000 second .
  2. the Freeze sync offers, depending on the camera model, even higher shutter speeds of up to 1/50,000 s (t = 0.5). With even shorter exposure times, you can freeze fast movements, flash against the sun and use wider apertures Portrait shots outdoors.
  3. In the Sync on first shutter the flash is triggered with a short sync time at the beginning and then the ambient light is used to show the movement.
  4. In the Sync on the second shutter will the flash at the end of the
    Shutter speed triggered with a short burn time after capturing motion over ambient light.