Product Description

The YC Onion Pineta Aluminum Monopod is a monopod system with single locking lever that allows all three leg segments and the tripod foot base to be extended, positioned, and locked in one action with an ergonomic bail lever. The tubes have a faceted, prismatic design to prevent rotation, and extend the Pineta monopod to a maximum height of 57.1″. This versatile support has a load capacity of 17.6 pounds, yet folds to a compact 29.5″ for easy storage or travel.

The included folding tripod foot base has a ball-and-socket design for articulated movement but lock quickly for stability. The modular design allows the  YC Onion Pineta Aluminum Monopod to be converted to a tabletop tripod in just moments by attaching the head mounting plate using the semi-automatic locking collar.

FEISO Quick Release Adjustment System

  • Single-lever release design
  • Extend, adjust, and close leg segments with one lever
  • Adjust Leg height and tripod foot base angle simultaneously

Adjustable Tripod Foot Base

  • Semi-automatic locking collar
  • Silicon rubber feet
  • Removable base converts to tabletop tripod

QuickRelease Shuttle Tripod Head Mounting Plate

  • Semi-automatic bite locking system locks the Shuttle to the monopod
  • Spring-loaded mounting thread automatically converts from 3/8″-16 to 1/4″-20
  • Shuttle head plate can be quickly removed
  • Shuttle head plate pairs with tripod foot base for form tabletop tripod