Product Description

The YC Onion Lasagna SE Teleprompter with App and with Flannel Lens Shading for Tablet and Smartphone features the teleprompter APP compatible with DOC documents format display and typesetting, whih is more conducive to draft editing and demonstration.

YC Onion Lasagna Teleprompter SE
• Creative Content
• Livestreaming
• Show Recording

Phone, SLR & Tablet Multiple Combinations
• Landscape Filming Using Phones
• Portrait Filming Using Phones
• Landscape Filming Using Cameras
• Portrait Filming Using Cameras

Good helper for Livestream Recording
• Livestream
• Convenient and Practical
• Show Recording
• Online Class

Small & Compact

Foldable Structural Design
Can be folded to the size of a book Easy fold and carry it around.

App Control
Turn on the remote controller, the bluetooth indicator blinks, Open Teleprompter App settings, connect bluetooth, After connected successfully, bluetooth indicator keeps on.

Bluetooth Remote Indicator Wireless control
SLR lateral shooting

Exclusive App
Mobile phone vertical shooting

Word Files
SLR lateral shooting

Preserve Formatting Provide most suitable text layout method for users

Instant Switch

Compatible with phone & Tablet
Quick-release between phone/tablet

High Quality Beam Splitter Glass
You can see the script in the App Clearly While nothing else out side of the lens is recorded, increasing your shooting efficiency.

Multi-port Design
Two shoe mounts on the top of the teleprompter, compatible with microphone, fill light, mobile phone holder, etc. shooting quipment.

Flannel Lens Shading Compatible with lenses below 82
• Support digital cameras, video camera, movie camera lens
• Achieve best picture shooting without glare interference

Ultra Wide Angle 24mm Focal Length
Perfect solution for YC Onion Lasagna SE Teleprompter with App using wide angle lens Present full-frame 24mm focal length

• When using tablet as reader, support up to 30-35mm full-frame focal length (10 inch)
• When using phone as reader, support up to 24mm full-frame focal length
• When using tablet as reader in vertical shooting mode, support up to 50mm full-frame focal length (10 inch)
• When using phone as reader in vertical shooting mode, support up to 35mm full-frame focal length

Various Lens Adapter Ring
• Using lens adapter rings to unify the caliber
• Sliding slot behind the teleprompter to fix the lens adapter rings
• Screw on lens adapter to lens, easy to prompt.

Camera version compatible with 58, 72, 77 and 82 lens rings.

Oxford cloth & Leather Texture
Delicate and smooth leather, clear and durable texture.

Note: Bags are not included