Product Description

The YC Onion BH40 Ball Head features a 360-Degree Horizontal Locking Knob at the bottom for Easy Locking

Ultra Large Sphere Design
360Degree panorama, adopting big ball head design, Higher payload locking in the smoother adjustment.

Smooth ball joint for versatile angle moving.

360 Degrees Swivel
You are able to set your camera at different angle.

360 Degrees Dual panoramic design
It is more convenient for photographers to take panoramic shots.

Ergonomic Design
With dual thread design, you can pull out the knob to adjust the direction freely.

YC Onion BH40 Features

  • Aviation Aluminum
  • Tilt Adjustment supporting 170-degree tilt
  • Higher Payload
  • Ultra Large Sphere Design
  • 360 Degrees Swivel
  • 360 Degrees Dual panoramic design
  • Ergonomic Design