Product Description

The Portkeys Screen Protector is designed to protect your 5.5inch display from dust, dirt, and scratches. Compatible with BM5WR/BM5III/LH5P high brightness camera control monitor.

This Portkeys Screen Protector for BM5WR/BM5III/LH5P UltraBright monitors is flexible and features anti-reflection properties that minimize glare. It protects your screen from incidental contact, scratches, and wear. However, it does not provide impact protection to your screen.

Key Features

  • Flexible.
  • Protects Screen from Scratches.

ANTI-GLARE: Two Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, precision-cut to fit yourBM5WR/BM5III/LH5P UltraBright monitor exact dimensions! Keep the extra one for back up later, or share one with a friend! Note: Only fits 5.5 inch screen)

STRENGTH AND STABILITY:9H Hardness – Longer tempering time, which made the screen protector has a higher hardness. Prevents the camera screen from high impact drops, scratches such as keys and knives, scrapes, and bumps.

99.99% HD Clarity: High-transparency provides high-definition clear viewing. Hydrophobic screen coating protects your camera screen from fingerprints effectively and keeps high-sensitivity touch response.

Highest definition and sensitivity: High-quality material and only 0.3mm thickness, extremely thin to bring you a high permeable and crystal viewing experience with ultra-low reflection and won’t reduce the sensitivity. Monitor is not included.

Easy to remove without residue, remaining your camera brand-new. When fixed on the screen, it is nearly automatic.