K&F Concept Variable Fader ND2-ND400 Filter (49mm)

  • Variable Neutral Density Filter
  • Reduce Exposure by 1 to 8.6 Stops
  • Darkens Entire Image
  • Greater Control over Exposure Settings
  • Allows Wider Aperture
  • Optical Glass Construction
  • Rotating Aluminum Filter Ring
  • 52mm Front Filter Thread
  • Includes Plastic Filter Case
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Product Description

This K&F Concept Variable Fader ND2-ND400 Filter (49mm) is a 49mm variable neutral density filter providing an adjustable light reduction of 1 to 8.6 stops. It darkens the entire image evenly, allowing a photograph to be made with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required. By slowing the exposure time or increasing the aperture, it is possible to control the depth of field and blur movement easily, creating a dynamic look for streams, waterfalls, landscapes, and more.

The rotating filter ring is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and it features a density scale and 52mm front filter threads.

Putter Design

This exlusive putter design for convenience rotating the filter stop in photography or video shooting.

9 Stops Adjustable

The K&F Concept Variable Fader ND2-ND400 Filter (49mm) allows you to have continuous control over the amount of light coming through your lens in an approximate range of 1 (ND 0.3) to 9 (ND 2.7) stops

With ND2-400 Filter

Reduce the amount of light entering the lens, thereby reducing the camera shutter speed. Suitable for situations that need to create motion blur (river, waterfall, moving people)

HD Picture Quality

Made with Japanese import optical glass using K&F Concept Nanotec technology.


Even the water spilled on glass can be easily wiped, eaily for cleaning and carrying, also with anti-fog function.

Scratch Resistant

With scratch resistant in both glass side, Don’t worry about damage.