Product Description

The K&F Concept MS13 Magic Arm Super Clamp with Ball Head has a maximum load capacity is 5kg, and the max diameter of jaw is 60mm , which can easily fix objects of various sizes, such as railings, tabletops, light stands, round pipes, branches, etc.It also has a large number of 1/4″ screw holes designed to facilitate use with various adapter and magic arm to achieve a variety of creative shooting functions and angles to meet your needs for different shooting scenes.

Magic arm has double-head 1/4″ screw hole and Arri locating screw, which can lock the equipment better and prevent it from drifting during installation. Cameras, lights, microphones, monitors, and other equipment can be installed at any time to prevent loosening effectively. Magic arm’s double heads support free rotation at multiple angles. Whether it is translation or rotation, it can be easily done, giving you more possibilities for shooting angles.

The Magic arm and clamp on the K&F Concept MS13 Magic Arm Super Clamp with Ball Head are designed separately, making the operation more convenient. You can use one of them alone according to your needs, or you can combine the two for endless creativity