Product Description

A fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, the K&F Concept Carbon Fiber Tripod with Phone Mount is an essential tool for photographers and videographers seeking stability, versatility, and ease of use in their equipment. Constructed from premium carbon fiber, this tripod is not only sturdy and durable but also impressively lightweight at just 2.93 lbs, making it a breeze to carry on any adventure.

The compact design of the SA255C1 allows it to fold down to a mere 16.53 inches, ensuring it fits comfortably in your gear bag. Despite its portability, it confidently supports equipment weighing up to 22 lbs, catering to a wide range of cameras and accessories. The 25mm tube diameter and 5-section legs are equipped with a spiral type locking knob, enabling quick height adjustments from 20.47 inches to a generous 68 inches. This feature, combined with the three-level leg angle adjustment

Transforming the SA255C1 into a monopod is a matter of seconds, offering even more shooting flexibility. Simply loosen the knob and extract the center column, and you’re ready to capture dynamic shots on the move. The meticulously designed ball head, boasting a substantial 1.1-inch diameter, facilitates smooth 360-degree panoramic captures and supports inverted shooting for those compelling low-angle perspectives.

The SA255C1’s magic plate is a testament to its thoughtful design, accommodating SLR, ILDC, and mobile phones with a secure locking system that allows for swift mode transitions without disrupting your workflow. Additionally, the integrated cold shoe holder is a convenient feature for attaching microphones, camera lights, and other essential equipment, enhancing your creative capabilities.

With a carbon fiber composition that ensures both lighter weight and increased security, the K&F Concept Carbon Fiber Tripod with Phone Mount is a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its load capacity of 22 lbs, three-stop tube angle adjustment, and ability to facilitate 360-degree panoramic shooting and low-angle photography make it a top-tier selection for those who refuse to compromise on quality and functionality.