Product Description

The K&F Concept 99Wh Mini V-Mount Battery is mainly used in equipment that requires high capacity, high performance and long time use, such as photography, film, TV production, broadcasting, stage lighting and audio equipment and other professional fields. These equipments need stable power supply, and the high capacity and performance of Vmount battery can provide long time usage without frequent battery replacement.V mount battery is suitable for all types of professional equipment, for example,

Photography and movie-making equipment

V mount batteries are suitable for DSLR cameras, camcorders, lighting equipment, macro lenses, motorized heads and so on.

TV production and broadcasting equipment

The K&F Concept 99Wh Mini V-Mount Battery is suitable for broadcasting, TV dramas, variety shows and other production equipment, such as video cameras, lighting equipment, out-takes, wireless microphones, voice transmission equipment and so on.

Stage lighting and audio equipment

V mount batteries are suitable for stage performances, concerts, audio recordings and other occasions, such as stage lighting equipment, speakers, mixing consoles and so on.

Standard V Mount mounting buckle

The battery adopts a standard V-shaped lock with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads to meet a variety of shooting scenarios.

Main BP interface

Standard BP interface, which is suitable for most video recorders, lights, and cameras with standard V-shaped battery boards, and has strong compatibility.

Mini size

Palm-sized battery, very convenient to carry out

Airline friendly

99wh standard capacity, can be taken on the plane when traveling