Product Description

The professional Jinbei JB-4200 Studio Light Stand with a maximum height of 4.6 m and a lifting capacity of up to 20 kg. The legs and the center column of light stand made of stainless steel ensure maximum stability and durability. The segment connectors and spindle clamp are aluminum castings, which enhances the impression of solidity of the light stand. The wide spacing of the tripod legs (160 cm) guarantees stable work even at maximum load. One of the legs can adjust the length in the range of 26.5 cm, which facilitates, for example, leveling the tripod on an inclined surface. Wheels have the ability to adjust the position, which also allows you to better adapt the tripod to your own needs. All wheels are equipped with a brake. The Jinbei JB-4200 Studio Light Stand has a built-in 16mm spindle, which can be hidden when it is not needed. In addition to the spindle, there is also an ARRI socket. All column segments have built-in spring shock absorbers, securing the attached equipment against damage when the terminal is accidentally released.


  • Weight: 16,3 kg
  • Max safety payload: 20 kg
  • Top attachment: 16 mm spindle, ARRI socket
  • Central column sections: 4
  • Max height: 4600 mm
  • Min height: 1510 mm
  • Closed length: 1550 mm
  • Footprint max diameter: 1600 mm
  • Leg diameter: square profile 25 x 25 mm
  • Wheel diameter: 100 mm