Product Description

This Godox SK400II-V Studio Flash Monolight 3 Light Kit is a compact and portable light kit that combines three 400Ws strobe monolights in a convenient and versatile kit. It includes a 24 x 36″ softbox, three 6.6′ light stands, a 40″ white/black umbrella, a 40″ silver/black umbrella, two standard Bowens-style reflectors, a 2.4 GHz wireless remote, and a carrying case.

Godox SK400II-V Studio Flash Monolight

With a guide number of 213′, the SK400II-V Studio Flash Monolight from Godox replaces the original 150W halogen lamp model with a 10W LED modeling lamp that draws very little power with great brightness. This 5600K color temperature studio flash source features a 0.1 to 1.5 second recycling time with flash durations as short as 1/2000 sec. Additionally, power is variable from 1/16 to full power. Triggering options include sync cord, optical, test button, and wireless power control. The SK400II-V weighs only 4.4 lb and runs on 110 to 120 VAC mains power.

LED Modeling Lamp

Adjust the Godox SK400II-V Studio Flash Monolight 3 Light Kit to pre-visualize your lighting effect. It can operate independently of the flash power (brightness can be set manually), or in a proportional way. In addition, it can be automatically turned off for the duration of the flash or illuminate continuously.

Godox X System

Expand your flash’s functionality using the Godox built-in 2.4 GHz wireless system. It allows you to remotely trigger the flash, control the power, and change its modes.

  • Works with optional X1, XT16 or FT-16 triggers to control power ratio, modeling lamp, buzzer, as well as flash triggering
  • A 3.5mm jack socket lets you connect the flash to third-party triggers

Onboard Control

Designed for a clear reading of settings, the rear LCD screen of the flash is highly intuitive. Right next to it there is a handy knob for adjusting power, channel, and group. Besides that, additional buttons give quick access to all lamp settings and functions.

Widely Compatible

Bowens-style mount makes the Godox SK400II-V Studio Flash Monolight 3 Light Kit compatible with a wide range of light modifiers such as softboxes and beauty dishes.

Godox CB-06 Hard Carrying Case with Wheels

The CB-06 Hard Carrying Case with Wheels from Godox can hold a three-light kit with accessories, making it ideal for Gemini GT and GS series equipment. It has a similar design to that of travel suitcases, with inline skate wheels and a top handle that allow you to easily roll the bag along on smooth surfaces. For short distances, straps on each side of the bag can be connected via a detachable grip for simple hand carrying.

The case offers a spacious main compartment for holding most of the equipment, which closes via zippers to ensure everything stays safely inside. It features a zippered pocket on the interior of the lid for small accessories, as well as an external pocket that offers easy access to everyday items. Finally, a clear window on the front of the bag allows you to insert a tag with your name or phone number for easy identification when traveling.