Product Description

The BOYA BY-WHM8 Pro Wireless Handheld Microphone with Integrated TX Transmitter provides stable, interference free audio in portable, compact and low cost package. It is designed for BY-WM8 PRO microphone system.

This system is a perfect fit for DSLR videography, field recording and interviews, broadcast TV, electronic news gathering (ENG), – or anyone who needs mobile, dependable audio broadcasting and recording.

The BY-WHM8 PRO system includes the TX transmitter integrated hand-held wireless microphone. Receiving unit sold separately.

The BOYA BY-WHM8 Pro Wireless Handheld Microphone is a handheld, wireless microphone transmitter that features a compact, ABS plastic body, an easy-to-read LCD display, a RF power switch and a PLL synthesizer. This broadcast-quality microphone will capture rich, crystal-clear sound. It has a built-in antenna and power lock function. The channel of the BY-WHM8 PRO is synced up with the receiver via an infrared connection.

Note: Both A and B channels are available for BY-WM8 PRO system.

Dual-Channel Handheld Wireless Transmitter
• 48 UHF Channels
• Seletable Stereo and Mono Mode
• Selectable Mute function
• Easy-to-read LCD displays
• Automatic LCD-locked Function
• More than 6 Hours Continuous Operation
• Operation range can reach up to 100m(300′) (without obstacle)
• Two AA batteries for both transmitter and receiver



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