Product Description

BOYA BY-DM20 Dual-Channel Recording Kit is a multi-function recording kit with 2 micin/line-in audio inputs and 1 audio output. It’s a professional sound solution for iOS devices, Type-C Android devices and Laptop. It can be used in a wide range applications include: interview, news production, ENG/EFP, film production, music recording, commercial and educational activities etc.

Dual-channel audio inputs, Ideal for demands for capturing two subjects

With compact and dual-channel audio inputs design, BOYA BY-DM20 is ideal for interviews or other demands for capturing two subjects.

Multi-function recording Meet Your Professional Needs

BOYA BY-DM20 Dual-Channel Recording Kit provides selectable Stereo and Mono mode, real-time motoring and volume control for each channel separately, allowing you to choose the pattern more appropriate for your specific situation.



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